On these pages you will find a mix of the mystical and the practical. Things relative to transformation as an individual and things relative to transforming your business. It is my desire to share ways for you to blend the Spiritual and the practical into a life filled with joy, ease, clarity, movement, abundance, and dancing.

Dancing to your favorite song

Dancing with the bubbling up of joy 

Dancing of the cells in your body

 The dance that your DNA does as it spirals into all of it’s beautiful connections. Our lives are about connections and remembering. When we make connections that nourish us and we set up ways to remember and embody those connections, magic happens. The magic of a life that is thriving and expanding and has resilience.

Everything I offer is about these connections and embodying those connections.

The magic happens when we are able to listen to the Song of our Soul and take action.

The DNA dance, our cells bubble with joy, our Spirit soars with love, and our bodies move when we are listening to the music of our Soul and have the resources, support, and community to take action.

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Soul Song Dancing is a guidebook for creating a Vision Board for your Soul and a map for making those dreams and passions come true. 

It is the foundation to creating a life legacy filled with joy and abundance.

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If you are ready to take action to create the life you know deep down inside your very Soul is possible, let's work together to make that happen.

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Authentic Truth Speakers

A Facebook group for Authentic Truth Speakers who are embodying their Soul Song. 

Come join the conversation as we explore what it means to be a truth speaker and talk about Soul Songs. 

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Are you ready to get some clarity, a reconnection with your purpose and dreams, and a personal mission statement to help you stay focused?

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"I was thinking on your business this evening, and while I can testimonial all day, my visual is this strong, wise dragon blowing a steam full of color, propelling people forward into a valley of their dreams. You take people's dreams and make them REAL. My life is evolving into this simple answer that I could not see until you showed me the way. I know of no one who can do what you do. Please keep finding people like me. "

Lori Fulk
Event Designer at Team Fulk Consulting

"Thanks to Stephanie's training I have more energy, purpose, and drive to take action and make a difference."

Mat Gunnufson
Million Dollar Amazon Seller

"I am so thankful I got to be a part of Stephanie's mastermind. It was really refreshing how she kept reminding us to go back to our Soul Song maps for our true guidance with regards to building our business. It was never about her; it was always about the most treasured parts of ourselves that she would help bring to light when we got stuck. We all came in looking for direction, and one by one you could see the light bulbs click on, illuminating the bright path that was right in front of our eyes. You HAVE to show up and do the work: your work. It is worth every penny and so much more to have that clarity when you do."

Bill Heitman
Your Fairy Godfather of Wellness

"I unlocked my truest self - benefit: FREEDOM. I created my must haves in life- benefit: JOY. I found my power - benefit: BELIEF. "

Cheri Yazzie
Million Dollar Amazon Seller


Get Your Self-Care Map Guidebook

This guidebook helps you get a solid start on the process of identifying what self-care means to you and teaches you some key things to be aware of in the process of making your own personalized Self-Care Map.